Coría y el Mar

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Last News

Coria and the Sea at the Uruguay Human Rights Film Festival

Sat, June 13 2015


The documentary will be presented in the Tenemos que ver 2015 (2015 Must See Films) exhibition.
The screening will take place on 20 June, in Montevideo’s Spanish Cultural Centre.

On 10 June Coria and the Sea will have its first Pamplona screening during the Cinema and Women International Exhibition Framework

Mon, June 08 2015


The film will be present in the exhibition’s 29th edition organised by IPES Elkartea (Institute for the Advancement in Social Studies) and Golem cinemas. Our documentary will share the limelight with films such as Boxing for freedom, Requisitos para ser una persona normal (Prerequisites of being a normal person) and Still the water. The screening of Coria and the sea will take place on Wednesday 10 June with two showings at 11:00 and 17:30. Both showings will be followed by a Q&A with film director and scriptwriter Diana Nava, along with with editor and producer Ainara Pagola.

Successful screening of Coria and the Sea in FiSahara 2015

Mon, May 11 2015


The film screening took place on 30 April at 11:00pm in the festival’s official section of Sahrawi-themed films. Many attended the screening including the film’s director and scriptwriter Diana Nava, together with editor and producer Ainara Pagola. Guests also included Sahrawi protagonists and the team involved in the filming back in November 2013. They attended the screening in the Dakhla camp in Algeria, the same place where the festival is celebrated. There was also the FiSahara community, who travelled there especially for the festival.
The Sahrawi spectators showed great excitement throughout the film with much applause to show their appreciation for many key scenes. One being when the driver Fatma says that the rights of men and women should be equal, and another in which Coria asks her grandmother questions about the sea of Dakhla in the Western Sahara.

The Victoria Eugenia theatre in San Sebastian was a sea of mehlfas for the screening of Coria and the Sea

Thu, May 07 2015


On Wednesday 22 April at 4:30pm Coria and the Sea was shown at the San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival. More than 500 people enjoyed the Spanish/Arabic version of the film, which was subtitled into Euskera. Producer and film editor Ainara Pagola; director and scriptwriter Diana Nava; as well as co-producers Ioseba Garmendia (Orreaga Filmak) and Javier Pruaño (NASA) were among guests who attended the screening.
Sahrawi women Raabub Mohamed Lamin and Nana Ahmed, who live in Spain, also made an appearance after having participated in the making of the documentary.

Coría and the sea will be shown at FiSahara 2015

Sun, April 26 2015


The documentary will be in the section of films with a Saharan theme in the XII edition of the film festival of the Sahara, of which this year will be dedicated to Universal Justice. For Ainara and Diana, being able to show the film at the festival will be especially exciting as they share their viewing with the characters and the Saharian team that worked with them, as the competition will be held in the same campsite as where it was filmed: The campsite of Dajla.

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