Coría y el Mar

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This is a story about women who are fighters: tenacious, sensitive, nostalgic, hopeful, brave, active women…who were capable of lifting, from nothingness, in the harshest landscape of the world, “La Hamada Argelina” of the Sahara Desert, life. They are the Saharawi women.

38 eight years ago, when they were forced into exhile, the men of this region, marched to war and the women created “temporary cities”: The Refugee Camps. They organized their families, administrative systems, homes and invented a new day to day life which made possible a sustainable existence and a hope, of one day returning home. The struggle continues. These women are now the grandmothers of the protagonists of our film, the new generations who have never known the sea of their country Women like Salka, the pharmacist who, in the Local Clinic of her village, fights for the health of the camp’s population; Mamía, one of the teachers of The Special School, who tenaciously works for the dignity of the disabled people in her village;Raabub, the brave doctor who migrated to Spain, distancing herself from her village, so as to give her children a future less uncertain. The young women Fatma y Mulaa, energetic and plenty of dream’s girls.

And the youngest of these women, the future hope of the saharawi people: Coría an 11 year old girl, who every night dreams of the sea of a liberated Western Sahara. The sound of its waves, the magestic image of its water, and its infinite blue skies. These are the echos, the bridges, that join the people with their homeland.

In these dreams the sea comes to Coria to speak to her about her origins, origins that are deeply rooted in the past, that remain Strong and unshakable, as ever more time passes. A demostration of the will that beats in the hearts of the Saharawi women who mantain their unbreakable spirit, ever moving forward.